North Devon Surf & Weather Forecast for October Autumn Half Term 2018

North Devon Surf & Weather Forecast for October Autumn Half Term 2018

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Following is the surf and weather forecast for North Devon, including Croyde, Woolacombe and Saunton

The waves and weather leading up to October half term have been amazing, with quality swells, clear skies and light winds. This looks to continue into the first part of the half term. The weather looks to stay mostly rain free for the whole period.

The sea temperature is about 15-16c. A 2-3mm summer wetsuit will do, but a 3-4mm wetsuit would be perfect for those cool autumn mornings, and days when the wind blows from the north. Booties are not necessary for most.

Saturday 20th October

Surf: 2-4ft very good all day
Wind: Light and variable
Tide: High Tide 03:49 (7.00m), Low Tide 09:57 (3.01m), High Tide 16:15 (7.56m), Low Tide 22:20 (2.55m)

Light cloud cover clearing through the day, clear skies by evening.

Light south, south east winds (offshore) in the early morning, switching to light and variable winds in the afternoon.

The surf will be a consistent 2-4 ft (potentially head high and over on some sets) the whole day. The morning offshore may provide for the best conditions, but the winds then stay light all day.

There may be some wait between the best sets as this is a groundswell, with fairly good wave period, but it will be worth the wait. High quality peeling waves at various states of the tide.

All beaches will be breaking well through the tides at various stages. No need to seek shelter from the wind as it remains light and variable all day.

Sunday 21st October

Surf: 2-3ft good in the morning
Wind: Light and variable veering westerly and increasing
Tide: High Tide 04:40 (7.62m), Low Tide 10:43 (2.41m), High Tide 17:00 (8.15m), Low Tide 23:02 (2.00m)

Starting clear but with cloud increasing through the day. The winds will be light in the morning, from the south west, but increasing through the day, veering west and increasing to moderate and then veering north, north east and increasing to fresh.

The surf will be a consistent 2-3 ft (waist to head high), decreasing slightly through the day, with less energy. The morning will provide for the best conditions, as the winds will be light. The waves for the rest of the day will be affected by the wind, but still rideable.

Croyde, Woolacombe and Saunton will be the best beaches to surf, although there may be a small, cleaner wave at Putsborough on the pushing tide, with some shelter from the increasing westerly wind.

Monday 22nd October

Surf: 4-5ft ok at sheltered locations
Wind: Fresh north, north east
Tide: High Tide 05:21 (8.19m), Low Tide 11:21 (1.89m), High Tide 17:38 (8.63m), Low Tide 23:39 (1.55m)

The day will start off cloudy, dispersing through the day, becoming clear and sunny until the evening. The brisk northerly wind will keep temperatures down. But not a bad day considering it’s October.

The surf will be fairly solid, but the size will decrease throughout the day. However, the swell period increases, so the energy and power will increase.

All beaches will be affected by the wind, unless you can find the sheltered parts.

Putsborough will be blown out, but surfable.

There will be some shelter from the northerly wind at the north end of Croyde Beach at high tide.

Combesgate can offer protection from northerly winds, even at low tide.

From about mid tide on, Saunton can be very good when the wind is from the north as it is protected by the cliffs. When everywhere else is blown out, Saunton can be glassy and clean.

Tuesday 23rd October

Surf: 2-3ft rideable at sheltered locations
Wind: Fresh north west
Tide: High Tide 05:57 (8.65m), Low Tide 11:56 (1.49m), High Tide 18:14 (8.99m)

The day will start cloudy with cool, fresh winds blowing from the north west. The cloud cover may decrease slightly through the day, and the sun may sneak through as can often be the case with fresh north westerlies.

The surf will be messy ish on all beaches, but as with Monday, you may be able to find some spots which are slightly more sheltered. The swell will be decreasing through the day, so get in there in the morning for the best of it.

Wednesday 24th October

Surf: 2-3ft rideable, cleanish
Wind: Moderate north, north west
Tide: Low Tide 00:13 (1.22m), High Tide 06:31 (9.00m), Low Tide 12:29 (1.20m), High Tide 18:49 (9.25m)

It will be a cloudy, cool start to the day, as the winds are still from the north. The winds will decrease slightly through the day, and we should see some cracks in the clouds.

The waves will be small, but still rideable, with a dying swell, decreasing through the day.

There will be some cleanish faces to ride on all beaches, especially with a longboard, as the winds decrease to light to moderate.

The best waves will be found at Croyde, Woolacombe and Combesgate as these beaches pick up the most swell.

Thursday 25th October

Surf: 1-2ft if you are lucky, clean
Wind: Light to Moderate and variable
Tide: Low Tide 00:47 (0.99m), High Tide 07:05 (9.24m), Low Tide 13:03 (1.03m), High Tide 19:24 (9.39m)

Very similar to the weather on Wednesday, but even lighter winds, so, a very pleasant October day. Some light cloud cover with the potential for the sun to make the odd appearance.

The surf is very small and maybe totally flat. But, there is potential for this to change so keep an eye on it. The swell will increase slightly through the night, so whether this will make an early appearance is unknown at this stage.

Friday 26th October

Surf: Flat
Wind: Moderate north easterly
Tide: Low Tide 01:22 (0.9m), High Tide 07:40 (9.37m), Low Tide 13:38 (1.03m), High Tide 20:00 (9.39m)

No a bad day, no rain, but some cloud cover, and a cool north easterly wind. Increasing amounts of sun through the day.

The surf is flat, totally. But this is a long range forecast and it’s October, swell season, so keep an eye on it.

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